Artificial intelligence refers to the ability of a computer to perform things which commonly requires human intelligence.It involves the development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision making and translation between languages. Artificial intelligence is where the machine learns the logic and starts predicting and suggesting based on that logic. The central principles of Artificial intelligence include reasoning, knowledge, planning, learning and communication, apart from the ability to move and manipulate objects.  The efficiencies being brought into the system through artificial intelligence will give way for more growth in various arenas.

Some of the common spaces where you already come across the invisible ability of artificial intelligence are through chatbots on customer enquiries, suggestions of shopping sites, friend’s suggestions on the social media and as personal assistants. The driverless cars can be attributed to the impact of Artificial Intelligence. However, there is more to come from Artificial intelligence and we are hopeful of a very intelligent future. But are machines becoming smarter than man?

Artificial intelligence for sure will lead to automation of various cognitive tasks, will help analyze humongous data from sensors, GPS and other devices and use it for suggestions and improvements.  Robots will turn out be great assistors for doctors, in disease diagnosis. Robotic surgeries will also become very common.  Automation in the manufacturing sector through artificial intelligence will be a break through, simplifying the work and also enhancing the speed, quality and volume of processing being handled.  Artificial intelligence saves time and frees the system out of errors. Artificial intelligence can help engineers by announcing minor faults early before a system shut down.  It can also be a key party to managing home devices away from home. Artificial intelligence can become handy for employee engagement. It can also be used for vendor management and financial management.

Artificial intelligence for sure is becoming a critical part of any business. Organisations ignoring the impact of Artificial intelligence are just shying away from its business growth. Artificial intelligence will throw a whole lot of insights from the voluminous data open before it. The ability of AI to forecast and suggest helps organisations and their CEOs to make better decisions from these insights.

Artificial intelligence is all set out to bring about changes in the way we do business and in the skills we need to acquire to succeed.

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