Career Counseling and Guidance

Do you feel that you are at cross roads?

Are you confused about which direction to move?

Are you remaining indecisive?

Are you unsure about the choices to make when it comes to what you want out of your education and career?

Don’t you feel that worthy self-discovery about your strengths, passion and core competencies, will give more focus in career and life?

Don’t you think you want a career which fulfills your passion, makes use of your core strengths, gets you a worthy pay and has immense growth opportunities?

If your answer is “Yes” to all of the above, then you require the professional help of a career counselor.  

There is a lot of significance attached to the whole process of career counseling. The moment you decide to seek a counselor’s services, you pass on the responsibility of success of your professional journey to the shoulders of your counselor. Career Counseling and guidance aims at discussing and understanding the problem of candidates, to evaluate the interests and needs of students, suggest a career path based on their needs  and empowering the candidate to take a decision concerning his/her career or life goals in one-to-one sessions.

We follow a 5 stage process in career counseling and guidance

Stage 1- Initiation

  1. Rapport building with the candidate
  2. Gathering facts and figures from the candidate and parents
  3. Awareness session to candidate and parents about counseling
  4. Creating a bridge of trust with the candidate.

Stage 2- Exploration

  1. Assisting candidate in conducting his SWOT
  2. Conduction of psychometric tests
  3. Evaluation of test results.
  4. Attaching meaning to test results
  5. Introduction to the concept of Ikigai
  6. Interview with candidate
  7. Discussion with candidate
  8. Applying ikigai and finding matching alternatives.

Stage 3- Making a decision

  1. Bringing the candidate and the parent around the same table.
  2. Going for fruitful discussions, shutting down emotions and sharpening logics
  3. Mentoring the candidate.
  4. Decision making- Choosing the right and the best out from the available alternatives.

Stage 4- Planning

  1. Development of action plan with the candidate
  2. Orientation and guidance to the candidate for acquiring the necessary skill sets and resources.
  3. Notifying challenges to the candidate in advance and suggestion and creation of alternative plans for implementation.

Stage 5- Execution

  1. Implementation and roll out of the plan
  2. Follow up and feedback
  3. Suggesting improvements
  4. Continuing the relationship with necessary interventions on requirement.

Our approach to career counseling and guidance

  1. The counselor will initially provide a 30 minutes complimentary  consultation to the client to apprise him about the concept, benefits and process of career counseling and guidance
  2. The interested client can have a face to face interaction with the counselor.
  3. The counselor will take you through the stages of Initiation, Exploration, Decision Making, Action Planning and Execution.
  4. The counseling sessions are generally arranged in phases on mutually agreeable basis.

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