Collaboration strategy to bond and build your team

The DNA to build and bond your team is collaboration. The collaborative environment in a team promotes communication, understanding, ideas, diversities, learning and purpose, all directing the team towards profits and prosperity. Collaboration is a mind-set which is largely expected to occupy a greater space in the mind of every member in a team. It is an inside out approach. Collaboration begins with the synergy philosophy that none of us is smarter than all of us.

Here are some strategies to establish collaboration in your team.

Believe that every member of your team has potential to contribute.

Try and bring out the diversified perspectives, opinions and ideas from other members.

Conduct brain storming sessions, separating the person from the issue. Have constructive conflicts.

Create an environment where your team members feel safe and secure and encourage them to speak freely and friendly.

Involve your team members in setting goals, values and strategies for the team project and make them feel ownership for the same.

Encourage open and honest communication between team members. Tell your members and listen to your members, because telling is sharing and listening is caring.

Network greatly with your team members and stay together on purpose.

Build a mutually supportive system within a team.

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