Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, over the Internet, including mobile phones and other digital devices. Digital marketing is all about finding the right market on the internet.

For successful digital marketing, the first thing is the presence of our product or service or organisation in the internet. Hence to make our presence in the internet, we need to have a website, a face book page, a blog etc. Once we have ensured our existence in the internet through the above means, we should think about enhancing the visibility of our existence. There are certain strategies which we can adopt for increasing our on line visibility. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. LinkedIn/ You tube/ Twitter/Instagram/Google+
  2. Email/sms/ppc/banner and display Ads
  3. Viral marketing, Google ranking

The enhanced visibility brings in targeted traffic to the website or landing page or blog or face book page.

However, the concept of digital marketing is not about creating a greater visibility, but bringing in targeted traffic. We can reach out to our targeted market by adopting in bound (SEO, PPC) as well as outbound ( e mail, sms) marketing strategies.

Once, we bring in the targeted population to our website or landing page, we need to engage them so as to ensure a purchase from us sooner or later. We need to have a website/landing page designed in such a way so as to engage them and reduce the bounce rate (bounce- when leave people the website quickly and never return back). We should ensure that the people navigate through the website, and the more time they spend, they develop trust and tends to buy in. Customer engagement can be brought through pop ups, videos, hyperlinks, free demos, e- books etc along with a call to action strategy for collection of mail ids.

Websites designed has an objective, either to create users or sell or generate leads generally. After engagement comes conversion. When a user takes a desired action in the website in alignment with its objective, we can say for sure that a conversion has taken place.

Apart from initiating all these digital marketing actions, we need to measure and analyse the performance of our online digital marketing activities. We may have resorted to several digital marketing activities like ppc, seo, direct, social mediaetc and we to analyse the behaviour of traffic to our website. An analysis of the same will let us know about which channels have brought in better traffic and whether the channels are worth the return on investments. The performance analysis also lets us realign our digital marketing channels. We have a well-known tool called google analytics which can be used over here for performance analysis.

The scope of digital marketing also extends to customer retention. Some of the customer retention strategies adopted include options like providing cash back, loyalty coupons, discount cards, reward systems etc. Sending regular sms and personalised emails to customers also ensures customer retention.  Blogs and Newsletters rich in content also retain customers to a great extent. 





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