Well,the good news is that the business world buzzword is disruption. The technological innovations bring about these disruptions. The business gurus say organizations should have well thought out strategies to be a proactive disrupter or an innovative follower. They also suggest that long term strategies should be built only around matters which are not expected to change for a long period. If not, the business investment is likely to get washed away by a disruption. Here we are going to introduce you to a few areas which are likely to get disrupted through innovations by 2025.

Banking- A very high percentage of population in India would stay away from coming to bank, due to deep internet penetration in the country, usage of payment banks, enhancement in internet banking facility. As the country goes more digital with widespread usage of mobile banking apps, the population moving towards the bank’s premises would eventually get dried up. Fin-tech banks and companies will have a big say. Moreover, the advent of block chain technology will ensure faster, secure transfer of money and payments, the on-line way.

Automobile- Autonomous driving system or driverless cars and vehicles can be found on our highways and roads, thanks to the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. So youngsters no longer have to bother about acquiring the skills to drive a car.

The energy- The electric cars will rule the roads, with petrol and diesel vehicles giving way. The introduction of lithium ion batteries and their charging stations like petrol pumps will ensure a very clear future for electric cars.

The voting- If block chain technology is utilized in the process of voting, then, it will make the system highly secure and there would be no chances of rigging.

The funding- In the upcoming years we find that there will be more options of funding for a project or a creative work and it is expected that crowd funding will come up in a big way as the reach of the internet and social media goes far and beyond so as to convince people for funding for the cause

Shopping- There will be more of e-shopping and there will be less customers moving to shops for direct purchase. However, a large section of shops would get converted to experience centers, rather than remaining as shopping centers. These experience centers will give customers a touch and feel of what they are going to buy. These experience centers can in turn be instrumental in making the customers take a buying decision.

The Television and Entertainment- The advent of video on demand gives people the opportunity to watch what they want and like. Hence in the run ahead, people are expected to cut their cable cords and turn on to options like Netflix The live screening apps like Periscope and Facebook live will also find huge number of takers.

Learning- The e- learning revolution will continue. The e-platforms are going to be more interactive and there will be a large scale emergence of learning apps with a lot of visuals,games, puzzles and quizzes which will make learning much more easy and interesting. Virtual reality will set in more attraction to this. The situation would be such that you will be able to learn anything from anywhere.

Health care- The upcoming of Internet of Things and wearable devices is a breakthrough in this sector.Wearable watches that monitor a patient’s blood pressure will eventually reduce the need for regular checkup and intervention of doctor. .However, the doctors can remotely monitor a patient’s progress and reach out with recommendations as the situation may be.

Manufacturing- Objects can be of almost any shape or geometry and typically are produced using digital model data from a 3D model. This involves the making of a 3 dimensional objects through computer aided design. This is expected to aid the manufacturing sector and the medical industry. The 3D printing concept has even reached out to the textile industry.

Appliances at Home- The internet of things will make your home smart, enabling you to remotely switch off the induction cooker, the electric heater, open the door for a guest who arrives at your home prior to your arrival and so on. Even theft reports and burglary attempt made in your house will be known by the police authorities without your information, thanks to IOT.

Energy Management- Energy management through smart grids can become operational with the help of the internet of things. The idea behind the smart grids is to collect data in an automated fashion and analyze the behavior of electricity consumers and suppliers for improving efficiency as well as economics of electricity use.

Medical education- Virtual reality can be utilized for giving clinical and surgical practices and procedures to medical students. This creates a safe, conducive learning environment for medical students.

Business and Marketing- Here, big data is used to better understand customers and their behaviors and preferences and above all to derive a customer insight. The data derived through traditional means as well as throughsocial media, browser logs, text analytics and sensors gives a more complete picture of their customers. This helps the business house to target and customize their offerings.

File storage- The cloud platform will turn out to be the best and safest location for file or data storage

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