Empty Your Basket Of Thanks

Have a basket full of thanks to begin a day and empty it before you say good night and sleep. The art of saying thanks gets you in par with a group of people who live their life with an attitude of gratitude. Search your soul and will find a million and more reasons to say thank you.

We live dissatisfied with a feeling that we have fallen short of something, which some other person is possessing. In fact we live a life drawn out of comparisons, and we most often compare ourselves with something or someone better than us. The comparison often yields us experience, knowledge and emotions which are never going to scale up our happiness, but what it yields is, dejection. We are envious for sure, believing in the art of counting another person’s blessings rather than our own. We seldom realise the great treasures we are showered with and seldom do we compare ourselves with our unfortunate ones. This Persian quote is awakening “I had the blues, that I did not have shoes, until upon the street, when I met a man without feet.” Makes one terribly moved, is it not? Then it’s time for a paradigm shift. Everyone needs to wear the mystical crown of contentment to oust the dejection in our minds. However, remember, to be content does not mean we don’t desire more, it means that we are thankful for what we have and patient for what is to come.

Let there be more and more of thanks giving in our prayers. Remember, prayers may not change God, but it changes him, who prays. Thanks giving are just not through prayers alone. If we cannot love the people whom we see, then how can we love God, whom we cannot see? Yes, let our fellow humans experience the grace of our gratitude.

A word of thanks to the billing person who has just billed and packed our items after our super shopping at the neighbourhood mall.A smile, with thanks to the policeman who stops the vehicles, to help us cross the road on a day of heavy moving traffic.A polite thank you to a counter receptionist for giving us information on a matter of value. A motivating thanks for the auto/taxi driver who has taken us to our desired destination on time. A heartfelt thank you for the customer who has just come to add more to our business.A thank you with joy for the waiter of the restaurant who has just served us with the dish of our delight. So, keep on emptying your basket of thanks.

Let there always be an easy fall of the word Thank you from the tip of one’s tongue. Let the echo of a kind word like Thank you, one has uttered, resonate in the heart of another. Our co-beings require our heartfelt thanks in this co-creative environment. Our thanks make ourselves, as well as others better.

The word THANK YOU

Builds Trust among humans

Spreads Happiness in the heart

Fosters better Appreciation of the other

It is a powering Nutrient for the mind

Gives a feel good feeling called Kindness

It’s really Yummy to hear

Fetches a lot of Oppo (friends)

And makes one really Unselfish

 Good to serve and best to taste is Thank you.

So begin your day with a whole basket full of thanks, but do not forget to empty it, before you go to sleep. Practice the art of thanks giving and it becomes a habit well settled in your subconscious mind.

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