The human resource management challenges (HR Challenges) keeps on increasing as the business world turns out to be more competitive and complex. However, if these HR challenges go un-addressed, the organizations may soon slip into deep failures. Hence, the need to address the HR challenges should be one amongst the top priorities of the management.

Here, we take a look at some of the HR challenges organizations of the day faces.

1. Change for the betterment

This is what we refer as change management. We all know that pain is the mother of change. People and organizations fall into comfort and resist change for fear of the unknown, inability to endure the pain of change and so. Hence, the challenge here is to move and change people to move the organization.

2. Attracting talent

Talent acquisition or attracting the right talent is once again a challenge. Talent hunting is followed by attracting the talent to the organization and creates an environment conducive for the talented person to join. A highly talented person may not uphold the culture and value systems of the organization. This is a challenge.

3. Retaining talent

Once, an organization has got the right talent, it most often becomes very difficult to retain him or her, as he may be lured by other competitors with hefty pay packages, more flexibility and freedom.

4. Diverse work force.

The interesting thing is that creating a diverse workforce is an opportunity for the organization if things are channelized in the proper manner. Hence, ensuring a diverse work force with different perspectives under the umbrella of unity will surely lead organizations to success.

5. Career advancement opportunities.

As organizations tend to become more flat, and uncertainties in the new world have turned out be the new normal, the HR management fails to give or provide or create a career advancement pathway for the employees of the organization.

6. Ensuring better employee productivity

Introduction of lean management and cutting short new recruitments has resulted in creating a situation, where employees feel stressed and are far away from the state of flow which leads to happiness. Hence, to ensure better employee productivity, what we need to do is to create an environment where the employees are given challenges which they can meet up with their current competencies.

7. Succession Planning

Given the level of attrition, the growing challenges of uncertainty and complexity, the organizations getting flat, the concept of outsourcing, the introduction of lean management, the inability to retain and reap the right talent has all made succession planning very difficult.

8. Leadership development 

Leadership development is a critical strategic initiative. HR professionals are expected to provide the essential processes, tools, and points of view to make the best selection of employees and develop the future leaders of the organization.

9. Learning and Development

It has become imperative for HR managers to get concurrence from the management before getting the training programs and training calendar approved. Moreover, the HR managers will have to elucidate upon the ROI on these trainings. The turbulent scenario in business needs very frequent learning, unlearning and relearning that too when employees are hard pressed with work.

10. Creating a quality employee experience

From looking after the health and safety of the employees to employee engagement is a very important aspect for the HR to cater for. It really becomes tough for HR managers to create a quality employee experience, especially when the employees are highly demanding.

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