Induction training

Induction training is a process that takes place to welcome the newcomer to the organization, and to make him or her ready for the job. Induction training sets the stage for the planned introduction of the employee to the organization. New employees need to know the organisation – its culture, employees and their roles.

Induction training is one which needs to be executed in the best possible manner to create the first great impression about their organisation, their workplace and their job.

Here are a few important aspects which can be taken as reference while conducting an induction training program.

  1. Have a solid plan which can be executed comfortably.
  2. Time the induction programme in an appropriate manner.
  3. Keep your induction training programme short as possible.
  4. Communicate to the new recruits well in advance about the duration and venue of the training.
  5. Communicate to the new recruits in advance about the hostel/stay facilities as well as mess /food facilities arranged.
  6. Communicate in advance the formalities involved for joining the hostel inclusive of the contact person’s telephone number and mail id.
  7. Communicate in advance the credentials that the candidates need to carry at the time of joining for induction training.
  8. The coordinator of the induction training should convene a meeting to discuss the course of execution of the induction training and should assign responsibilities for different professionals in accordance with the programme.
  9. The roles and responsibilities to be carried out by the professionals inclusive of the ways in which they should get engaged in the process of running the induction training can be ensured by circulating a check list. Say for example, the in charge of library and documentation should keep the training documents ready, the in charge of mess and hostel should ensure arrangements for the stay and food of participants, the in charge of building and rooms should make arrangements in the training halls with AV aid etc.
  10. The participants should be given a warm welcome followed by a convenient registration process.
  11. A basic introduction about the training as well as the rules to be followed and the facilities that can be availed by the participants can be briefed.
  12. Remember, the training participants require a coordinator or contact person who can see them through the course.
  13. The training schedule conveying the session timings and the entrusted faculty should be made available to the participants.
  14. The induction trainings are conducted to make the participants aware about the organisation, its objectives, its vision and mission, the various departments and their objectives, the employee roles, the rules and regulations, their growth opportunities in the organisation as well as about their opportunities.
  15. Apart from this, the training may also include aspects to enhance their core skills related with their work place, attitudinal development and their knowledge enhancement programmes.
  16. After the conduction of the induction training, it should be evaluated to find out as to whether it has met its objective.
  17. At the end of the induction training, the organisations can expect motivated employees with a high level of commitment and competence for the job.

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