Intuition is considered as a quick insight or knowing, without the use of rational thought. Some people call it as the sixth sense or the hind sight. Intuition probably would be the information from the deep levels of our minds.

Intuition breaks free from the limits of the conscious mind, and provides great information. Intuition is therefore called as their gut feelings by many people. It is devoid of all logics and rationales. However, our gut feelings or intuitions have the capacity to lead our thoughts.

Intuition works only when we are mindful, that is when we are fully present in the moment. However, it is said that intuition builds upon your existing knowledge communicated to us visually, orally or kinesthetically. Our subconscious mind gathers filters and interprets information from people and situations.

Intuition is a weak channel of information and hence more often, it is overcome by the powerful thoughts of the conscious mind. Let us listen with alertness as to what at peace our mind has got to whisper. Intuitions may go wrong, however, they offer, moments of truth from within, getting you a new insight to follow, which may ultimately lead you to lasting success. Intuition is a tremendously powerful concept, particularly, when applied to business and your personal success strategy. Hence, we can also say that there is something called intuitive intelligence.

Intuition can make us much better decision makers, especially when we deal with non- standard situations, with no precedence. It can help decision making in situations in which the problem is poorly structured and when changes are fast paced.

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