Investor Awareness Programme

A session which instills confidence for taking the right financial decisions

In synergy with the employee engagement and retention programs, we are proposing to organize a complimentary Investor Awareness program for the employees across different offices. Multiple such workshops can be conducted during a single day and also across various locations.

Each one hour workshop will consist of a 45 minute interactive talk cum presentation by our expert trainer, who will educate the participants on the following agenda, followed by 15 minutes of Q & A:

1) Common Mistakes of Investment
2) Enemies of Income/Investments
3) What is Risk? – A eye opener
4) Linking your Savings and Investments to life Goals
5) Tax Planning/ Tax Saving

There will be no promotion or sale of any product in the program and there is no cost attached to the workshops.

All we require is

1.  A meeting room and a projector.
2.  A minimum of 25 participants per workshop.

Find out whether you are a good investor or not by answering these questions

  • Are your returns on your investments in a position to beat the impact of inflation and taxation?
  • Have you planned well for your retirement life?
  • Do you have financial goals and how well have you planned for its achievement?
  • Are you aware about the benefits of term life insurance policies and health insurance?
  • Do you have ELSS investments?
  • Do you feel that SIPs benefit you?

 Perhaps we can shift your perceptions on money.