Management Consultancy

Management consultancy is a tool to solve business problems using principle based process. The process is expected to resolve complex problems which cannot be easily identified or described or solved by the client organization. Management consultancy is also about using the time and resource to find the right data, analyze the data and transform it into deliverables that can aid client’s progress.

Management consultancy involves identification of complex problems, analyzing existing alternatives, recommending solutions and facilitating the implementation process.

What can be expected under our management consultancy?

  1. Calculation of business issues based on facts and analysis
  2. Act as a solution bank for our clients
  3. Ensuring timely effective service.
  4. Mitigation of risk associated with projects.
  5. Sharing knowledge, skills and learning.
  6. Utilizing and deployment of distinctive technologies.
  7. Bringing in fresh perspectives.
  8. Provision of specialist advice/mentoring.
  9. Generation of ideas and creating innovation
  10. Long term support

The phases of our consultancy

  1. Initiation
  • Rapport building up with clients
  • Discovering superficially preliminary problems and symptoms
  • Consolidating matters for proposal presentation
  • Submission of proposal.
  • Signing the consulting engagement contract.


  • Creation of diagnosis frame work
  • Problem analysis
  • Fact finding process
  • Fact analysis and synthesis


  • Building strategies for creating solutions
  • Creation of multiple solutions
  • Evaluation of possible solutions
  • Choosing from established solutions
  • Submission of proposal


  • Identifying the roles in implementation
  • Setting up a monitoring mechanism
  • Training and coaching for the staff of the client organization.

5.Follow up and Closure

  • Evaluation of the implementation
  • Submission of closure reports
  • Settlements
  • Follow up
  • Withdrawal.

6. Diagnosis

7. Planning


9.Follow up and closure

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