Mind mastery is all about being a master of your mind. The mediocre people are slaves of their minds, whereas, people who have scripted success stories are masters of their mind. Well, mind mastery involves conditioning your mind and installing it with worthy attributes, and in turn your mind will feed you with all the energy to overcome obstacles and lead you towards accomplishments.

Mind mastery is like powering up your mind. We can make our minds stronger just like how we strengthen our muscles through regular exercise. As we all know, the worth or the filthiness, the courage or the fears, the optimism or pessimism, as well as our feelings and emotions are stored well within us in our subconscious mind. In fact, our subconscious mind is like an unseen memory box, which has in store a lot of the above mentioned, which we have silently and carelessly collected from our experience, education and environment. Well, these contents in the subconscious mind may play havoc with our life, or it may drive us to excellence and success. Your subconscious mind is very fertile. If you plant a utility sapling, it takes roots and it is sure to grow over a period of time for a great yield. On the other hand, it even allows weeds to grow. Our strategy should be to remove the weeds, and plant worthy saplings.

Here we provide you with certain tips to master your minds.

1. Identify your fears in life. Find out if you have got fear of failure, fear of criticism and fear of the unknown. Also identify whether you stuck with pessimism, skepticism, cynical attitudes, egoistic problems and perceptional issues.

2. If you have the filthy, you have identified your weeds. Then, pluck them out. However, digging them out from the subconscious requires constant and continuous efforts through the conscious. We can fight the fears by facing, fighting and overcoming them. Understand that it is natural and essential to fail, so that we can learn from them. Face a lot of criticism, and grow strong. Shatter your pattern and push up your limits to grow outside the comfort zone. Break your perceptions; shift your paradigms and empathize over ego. Hence, delete the unworthy from your subconscious mind.

3. Now, it is about planting the worthy attributes in your subconscious mind. Find out your purpose, goals and vision in life. Find out what is that makes you happy and successful. Write down your purpose, goals, vision, priorities and the passions and activities which make you happy and successful.

4. Be, mindful and read out your purpose, goals, vision, priorities and passions every day morning, as well as in the night, before you go to sleep.

5. Visualize yourself several times in the calmness, as though you have achieved all your purpose, goals and vision. Imagine and rewind your success scenes in the screen of your mind.

6. Fell like you are already successful and behave like a winner. Exhibit a champion physiology.

7. Continuously give suggestions to your mind that you’re a winner and have achieved all your goals. Make sure that the belief of success sets in your sub conscious mind.

8. Now, make use you of your logics to create a plan to reach out to your goals. Identify and analyses all the challenges and obstacles that you may face in the route. Build or have strategies in place before hand, in case you counter them. Plan and prepare before you set out.

9. Read the positive, associate with the optimists, learn the valued and keep them as feeders for your mind, regularly.

10. As your unworthy concepts and fears dip down from your subconscious mind, your self-esteem will be on the rise, which will act as a catalyst for your achievements. Hence, try and improve upon your confidence, by celebrating your wins, little or big.

11. Focus on your goals alone and keep away from the clutters of distraction.

12. Affirmations, visualizations and auto suggestions are helpful in installing success systems within your mind which will work for you to realize your dreams.

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