We all know very well that in order to communicate with a computer we need to have knowledge about its software. Similarly, in order to effectively communicate with a person, we need to understand his meta programs.

Meta programs / meta models helps us understand how people sort and make sense of their own world, and more over it lets us gather knowledge on the behavioural patterns of a customer. Understanding the meta programs of a customer, we can build rapport and thereafter pace and lead the customer towards a sale.

Now, let us have a look at the different meta programs and find out how they help us identify the behaviour of the customer and their decision on buying a product or service.

Meta Program 1- Towards/ Away

The people who are moving towards are generally energetic, curious and risk takers. Their moving towards behaviour is especially with an objective to derive pleasure. They tell what they want. Hence for customers with a moving towards meta program, to make a sale, enlist the luxury, comfort, greatness, benefits and advantages that the customer will gain upon purchasing the product or service.

The people who are moving away are generally cautious, wary and protective.  The generally try and avoid pain. They tell what they do not want.  However, we need not perceive that such people are hard buyers. We can easily narrate the pain that they will have to bear, upon deciding not to purchase the product or service.  We can also throw light on the troubles he can overcome by taking a buying decision. 

Meta program 2- External/ Internal Frame of Reference

When people search outside for proof, approval, recognition or feedback, we say they have an external frame of reference. An easy way to sell products to these people is make a hint as to how the purchase of the product will bring them to limelight and fetch the notice and appreciation from others.

When people search from their within for the proof and rate their own performance, we say that they have an internal frame of reference. Just tell people about the contentment that they would be deriving by making the purchase of the product, and enable a buying decision.

Meta Program 3- Sorting by Self/ Sorting by Others

The people who are self-centred and seek what is in it for me (egotist) come under sorting by self. If we need to sell something to people with this meta program, we need to tell them exclusively about the personal benefits that they would derive by purchasing the product.

The people who always ask as to what is in it for others are of the self-less kind (martyr). If we want to sell something to people with such meta program we need to elucidate on the benefits that others will get out of them, if they making the purchasing decision.

Meta Program 4- Matchers/ Mismatchers

People who respond to the world to find sameness are called matchers. To sell it to a matcher, enlist all the benefits that the others who have taken the product enjoy and tell that he also would enjoy the same benefits, if he purchases the same product or service.

Some people tend to differentiate and look for uniqueness. They are referred to as differentiators or mismatchers. It is usually difficult to build rapport with these people; however, it becomes easy to sell unique products to them by enlisting benefits which others are still to enjoy.  Try and sell customised products to them.

Meta Program 5- Possibility/ Necessity

People who are on the lookout for choices, who are motivated by what is not known, and have a thirst for experience are people with the possibility meta program. Selling becomes easy if we are able to identify their wants, ask for their choices, find their plans and give them multiple options for selection.

People who are need based come under the necessity metaprogram. Since their buying and behavioural pattern is necessity or need based, they are likely to buy what is available.

Metaprogram- Independent/ Cooperative

People who do not want to hang around with others, who do not like supervision and micromanagement are considered independent. As far as sellers are considered, all that you can do is enlist the benefits and advantages of the products and services and allow them to take the decision.

People who work best as part of a group are people who are cooperative. Even though they may be quite good in the group, for sellers they would drag the buying decision as they have got to consult with others before the purchase.

These meta programs will help us calibrate and guide our communication with others for a successful sale.




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