“Non verbal Communication is also a part of communication that can boost your confidence”

Body language or non verbal communication fills the gap between the words you speak and how best it is understood by others. By developing an awareness of body language, effective communication and ease to understand is attained.

While delivering a big presentation the first impression counts. Good posture, eye contact will the audience, gesture with hands and arms, slow and clear speech and a moderately low tone are some of the effective ways to communicate and also project your confidence.

In a negotiation situation make sure that your hand or arm gesture are proper, facial expressions minimum, eye contact is not down cast, body not turned away from the person etc. to convey the message that you are open and respective of what is being discussed. When you are working with groups, try to actively engage the audience. Be alert of each person’s actions and engage them by asking direct questions. Do not allow them to slump in their chair or write or fiddle with their pens to kill time. While reengaging people make sure that your body language is good.

There is a great impact of body language on how we communicate. So also it may vary between individuals and also between cultures and nationalities. So verify and confirm the signals you may use.

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