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Personality Development

An individual’s personality is the result of his traits, qualities, attitudes, beliefs, motives and behavior. Personality is a mark of one’s identity. Personality development involves the development of one’s “persona”, that is, creating a better image of oneself. It is all about building up one’s reputation through one’s value rich character.

Hence, personality development involves a change from mindset to outward appearance. Therefore it is an inside out method.

Here we provide you with some tips to develop your personality.

  1. Find out from within yourselves, your deep values, passion, fears and habits.
  2. Identify the worthy values (at least half a dozen) and habits. Also identify your fears and unworthy habits.
  3. Overcome your fears and delete your unworthy habits.
  4. Polish your passion and further focus on strengthening your strengths.
  5. Identify the purpose in life based on your values.
  6. Reflect on the impact of your purpose on the society.
  7. Set long term, medium term and short term touching upon the realms of health, relationships, finance, profession, spirituality, learning and entertainment.
  8. Have a balance of the above realms in your life.
  9. Invest your time for the accomplishment of your purpose and goals.
  10. Prepare a do not do list to keep away the distractions and time wasters.



personality  development training Kerala

We are suggesting a few initiatives towards your all round development of personality based on the realms of health, relationships, finance, profession, spirituality, learning and entertainment.


  1. Go green, prefer vegetarian food and that too organic.
  2. Have plenty of water and fresh juices.
  3. Say a big no, when you feel your stomach is nearing full.
  4. Go for a balanced diet, a healthy one.
  5. Flex your muscles for a while.
  6. Feel the sun and sweat a little.
  7. Practice meditation, yoga and breathing exercises.
  8. Manage your thoughts, emotions and thus your stress.
  9. Smile often to enhance your happiness quotient.


  1. Get interested in people.
  2. Greet them and be lavish in praise.
  3. Collaborate with people.
  4. Listen, care and respect people.
  5. Weave a family out of love.
  6. Be with people in the time of their need.
  7. Be a great networker.
  8. Call an old friend, a relative a day.
  9. Let go off your ego.



  1. Become financially independent
  2. Have regular monthly savings
  3. Have the right investments to meet your goals.
  4. Ensure security and stability in life through financial planning.
  5. Have a contingency fund.
  6. Insure –life and health.


  1. Believe that work is worship
  2. Ensure that you develop a passion towards the work.
  3. Exhibit energy and enthusiasm at work place.
  4. Master the professional etiquettes and walk the talk.
  5. Trust, integrity and honesty matters at work place.
  6. Groom well and be at your best appearance at work place.
  7. Believe in the shared vision of the company.
  8. Become result oriented.
  9. Be willing to go the extra mile.
  10. Be good with your coworkers, encourage and motivate.
  11. Be a stickler of corporate rules and regulations.


  1. Becoming principle centered.
  2. Living with an attitude of gratitude.
  3. Leading a life with optimism.
  4. Sacrifice and selflessness.
  5. Understanding the have-nots and sharing with them.
  6. Continuously looking at the compass called conscience.
  7. Correcting your pointers towards principles and people.

Learning and development

  1. Be a continuous learner.
  2. Be a master of your domain.
  3. Up-skill and cross-skill.
  4. Become a great communicator by improving your verbal communication, body language and listening skill.
  5. Enhance your presentation skills.
  6. Use technology to the best for smart working, and communicating the worthy.
  7. Be oriented towards developing a successful career.
  8. Learn how to meet deadlines and manage time.
  9. Be an avid reader.
  10. Attend trainings, workshops and seminars
  11. Become a great coach and mentor and also share your learning.
  12. Finally, learn from your failures.

Fun and Entertainment   

  1. A family outing/shopping
  2. A cinema time
  3. A touring time
  4. A get together event
  5. Celebrating festivals and birthdays
  6. Games and activities.
  7. Cultural events




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