A “principle” is acceptance of something as truth or a belief that a certain standard or rule is not up for debate. Principles are the absolute rules and standards agreed upon by the society. A “value ” is a person’s personal belief for or against something. A value may be inherently right or wrong.

Principles are objective, factual, impersonal and self-evident whereas values are subjective, emotional, personal and arguable .It is always better to develop values that align with the principles. The consequences of our life are governed by principles. Say if you lie to me, I will not trust you. You can build better relationship through trust only if you speak the truth with me. So if you go by the principle of speaking truth, the consequence is people will trust you and you will have better relationship with people. Honesty, reliability, commitment are certain examples of principles. Lasting success comes in life by adherence to principles.


A rich man wanted to give a great feast to his friends. He got all kinds of dishes prepared but he could not get fish. He offered a reward to the man who would bring it.

After some time a fisherman brought a big fish. But the gate keeper would not let him in till he had promised to give him half the reward. The fisherman agreed. The rich man was highly pleased and wanted to give him a lot of money, but the fisherman refused to take it. Instead, he demanded a hundred lashes on his back. All were surprised.

At last the rich man ordered a servant to give him a hundred lashes. When the fisherman had received fifty, he asked them to stop as he had a partner in the business. It was the gate keeper. The rich man understood the whole thing.

He was given the remaining fifty lashes and was dismissed from the service. The principle is never to seek for any undue favours.


1. Write down your core values in life

2. Which among those do you consider as principles?


Change your opinions, keep to your principles, change your leaves, keep intact your roots”- Victor Hugo.

Take Away

1. Lasting success comes in life by adherence to principles.

2. Develop values in your life that align with the principles.

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