Qualities of HR Professionals

What qualities should HR professionals look out in candidates while conducting a recruitment drive?

  • High self-esteem and great confidence.

Candidates who are free from the fetters of fears do have high self-esteem and great confidence. The body posture, the bold steps they take while walking, the smile, the firm handshake, eye to eye contact, their exuberance and enthusiasm, gestures, the facial expressions and their way of answering during the course of an interview lets us know about his self-esteem and great confidence

  • Great passion for the job.

Candidates who have a great passion for the job would have deeply researched about the job description and would have core learning and key skills which are matching the job requirements. Their level of enthusiasm and knowledge about their job in hand lets us know about their passion for the job.

  • Long term aspirations or ambitions.softskill-HR

Ask questions to the candidates as to where they would like to see themselves 10 or 15 years from now. People who are answering at the spur of the moment for such questions are goal oriented or have long term aspirations or goals. If the answer to question as well as the body language is in concurrence, we can consider the fact that the candidate is speaking the heart. Also do probe and find out, if the candidate has planned for a long stay and growth in the organisation.

  • Result or accomplishment orientation.

Go through the CV or resume and find out the accomplishments of the candidate. Organisations are result oriented; hence they need to look for people who have fetched results previously. Get on board people who can fetch results and meet targets.

  • Belief in continuous learning and growth.

Find out whether these candidates are just having their academic qualifications or whether they have gone an extra mile to learn continuously. Find out about the certifications they possess, the on line courses they have attended, the trainings they participated, the skill workshops they attended and so on. A candidate who believes in continuous learning and growth is an asset to the company in its growth towards business prosperity.

  • Creative and innovative.

People who are creative and innovative come in with a lot ideas and perspectives. They think different and act different. The innovative and creative candidates can never be over looked in the era of disruptive innovation and technology displacement. The organisations can utilise these different opinions, ideas and perspectives and come out with refined innovative product or service or process.

  • Interest in the company.

Try and find out if the candidates are really interested in the company. Ask them about the core area of business of the company, its vision, mission and values. Try and find out whether the candidate is aware about the work culture of the organisation and its aspirations. Show interest in a candidate who shows interest in your company.

  • Good communication skills.

Candidates with good communication skills find it easy to build relationships with other employees, clients and management. These relationships further builds trust which brings about bonding within an organisation and also they will have ability to influence their clients.

  • Shouldering responsibility.

Organisations need employees who take responsibility for their mistakes. Accountability and responsibility are two traits for which the search has to be on, while the interview is taking place.

  • Good team player.

The candidate should be trust worthy and should communicate openly and honestly. The candidate should not fear conflicts, needs to take responsibility, and should be willing to share common goals and purpose. He should also believe that the team and the organisation is something bigger than him. Research his past by probing, to find out his team bonding and building abilities.