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Scoop out time for thinking

How much time do we spent on thinking daily?

What kind of thinking do we have?

Is it creative thinking, logical thinking, critical thinking or problem solving?

Don’t we think more about the past?

Do we think about our future?

Don’t we feel that worry is also a thought about what might happen tomorrow?

Are all thoughts really necessary?

 Do we really need to push hard and find time for thinking?

Well, we are going to answer all this.

It goes beyond doubt that we need to have think times in day and life. The quality of our thought is very important, if we intend to scale up our life to greater heights. We are made up through our thoughts. We are basically what we think of. Thoughts are good if we are able to get them focused on our goals and train them to make them get utilized in working out strategies, overcoming problems and creating opportunities to make progress towards realization of certain goals. However, thoughts may also make things worse, if we set out time to get ourselves remembered about a fight of the yesteryear which we had with a neighbor or college mate or even if you think with pessimism about a rainy tomorrow where in you visualize yourself coming drenched to office late only for words of spite from your immediate superior. Such thoughts induce worry and misery in your own world and life. So it is always better to lead a life with quality thoughts which not only make our world better but also another person’s world far better.

It is always suggested to have think times in life. However, let us also know the kind of thoughts that better us. Creative thinking in solitudesoft skill-kerala-india lets us look at things with a fresh perspective and lets us come up with solutions which may seem weird and crazy at the first instance, but eventually it may turn out to be a well-accepted good idea. Brainstorming sessions in organizations allows creative thinking and paves way for out of the box solutions.

Logical thinking is based out of reasoning and it always goes behind the reasons for success or failure, than proclaiming it as sheer piece of luck or ill luck. Problems need to be probed and analyzed based on reasons and we should not get carried away by emotions. We can work on certain psychometric questions to enhance our logical thinking capabilities.

Critical thinking is a form of thinking which is done in an open minded manner, realistic in nature, based on facts and figures and pure rational. Critical thinking involves a lot of analysis and evaluation and hence leads to better decisions or solutions. Being judgemental erodes the virtue of critical thinking. Critical thinking brings better results in negotiation, conflict resolution etc.

Thoughts about seeing the big future picture through the power of visualization is an important thinking process, because if we see ourselves in the elevations of success for the future, we are sure to succeed. That is why we say, all real achievers achieve their goals twice, once through their visualization before the really achieve it and later in their real life.

Think times expand our horizon of the world, gives us better perspective; drive new ideas, enables different actions to fetch awesome results in life. Solet us scoop out time for small but great thoughts which directs the compass of our life to greater fortunes. Let us build our thoughts and strengthen our Tomorrow.

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