Is recruitment in corporate organisations giving way for talent acquisition?

Even though, the term talent acquisition is not a latent entity in the corporate world, to avoid the mist of confusion we need to find out initially as to what separates the process of recruitment from talent acquisition. Off course talent acquisition is a neophyte whereas recruitment process is something with which we are most accustomed. But to draw the line of divide between the two, we should say that recruitment is a process that involves searching for a specific candidate to fill specificpositions which has fallen vacant or that which has been created.  On the other hand, talent acquisition is the strategic process of taking in, developing, nurturing and creating a talent pipeline with a clear focus on the future. Talent acquisitions are done with a clear eye on the future hiring needs of the organisation.



Talent acquisition is the process of attracting, finding and selecting highly talented individuals to meet current and future employment needs.

Talent is something which cannot be earned or faked.  Talent is what we are born with. It is the natural capability one has, to do something better than others.  On the other hand, skill is something which can be earned or learned. However, talent or skill is not solely going to work wonders for the individual or the organisation. What can work wonders for the organisation is the passion in the individual for the activity or the work, in addition to his talents and skills. So, talent acquisition is the process of acquisition of an individual with talent, earned skills and passion for the work in an organisation. When passion meets profession, we say that an individual has found his sweet spot. Hence, the process of talent acquisition just does not ensure the progress and development of the organisation alone, but also enables the individual in being at his best in work place and to attain a state of flow or happiness at work place.

Talent— Nurture—-Skills—Passion—-Profession—-Sweet Spot

As far as organisations are concerned, the acquisitions of candidates should take place only in accordance with their orientation for future. An organisation spearheading towards future, with giant leaps will definitely have its own priorities, strategies and plans for the days ahead. The system, structure and process in an organisation should be like well-oiled machinery to fetch the desired results. The greatest resource as part this system is the human resource. Hence, contemplations in the right direction about right sizing the organisation, diversification of products and services, bringing about automation, proper segmentation of work force and deployment of specialised hands in different domains in a dynamic world should be on top priority as far as the management is concerned. The HR department has the key role to play in designing a people system for an organisation of tomorrow. Hence, they should keep their eyes peeled for identifying key talents and further for attracting them to the organisation.

The organisations are on the lookout for specialised talents for jobs in the future as the jobs in the future will be highly specific and the professionals shall be placed in jobs only in accordance with the domain knowledge, skills, experience and expertise. Bringing in specialised people will no doubt improve the effectiveness of the organisation, rather the organisation trying to improve the cross functional capabilities of an individual. Specialised people will bring in better results. Hence, the process of talent acquisition will gather more momentum amongst corporate.

Well, talent acquisition is made after relationship building. Now, how to build relationship and acquire talents?

Corporate organisations, now a days definitely need to do a lot on brand building and to enhance their brand visibility. This is done not only to attract customers but also to attract the society and talents towards the organisation. Only if the people around know the organisation, know what it does, know how it adds value to world, will people tend to have respect for the organisation and liking for the organisation. Only if people like the organisation, will they have any association with it. The Social media and other networks can be used by the corporate organisations to identify and understand the talents spread across the world. Once, the corporate organisations have identified the right talents for its current or future requirement, the talents can be attracted to the organisation by several strategies. The attempt is to build relationship between them and the organisation initially by building rapport and then cementing it by trust. Once, the trust factor has been established, it becomes easy for corporate organisations to scoop out the talent.

However, one last thing for the corporate organisations to remember is to make sure that these talents find their sweet spots in the organisation, if not……………

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