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Be the author of your day

Script your day and act the script

Plan your day, schedule your priorities, work on them and feel the thrills of accomplishment, for the day has turned out the way you wanted it to be. It is the choices that you make and the decisions that you take, that determine how your day is going to be.

Plan your day in advance, probably the previous night. Have your plan book and keep a page for a day. Get prepared for the upcoming day. Visualize your day in advance, before you actually walk through it in day light. Look into the roles that you have to play for the day, the role of a father, husband, doctor, technocrat, manager, and so on and also find out what you are expected to accomplish through those roles. Your long term and short term goals, your check list and activities for the day, can get reflected in the plan book, so that you remain focused on your purpose. A holistic author would obviously have time slots to cater to his professional, spiritual, health and relationships realms, as he scribbles through his daily plan. This habit also enables a better evaluation of your work-life balance. As you craft your days with diligence, so you craft your life towards excellence.

Let your day begin at 5 in morning with an hour for reinventing freshness by resting your mind, purifying your soul and lubricating your body. The next hour could probably be utilized for reading, learning or journaling for broadening your outlook and showering your contemplation. Probably another hour of the morning can be passed for your passion, for doing something which you really enjoy doing. May be playing a musical instrument, penning a lyric, composing music, crafting a story, painting on canvas, playing a game of tennis, using your green thumb in the garden, working out strategies, innovating ideas and anything of iota or magnitude which fetches bliss at one’s own heart. This hour elevates your spirits for a healthy ride for the remaining course of the day.

Have your bath and family breakfast. Travel to office with a lotsoftskilltraining of ease, reading, hearing music, listening to audio tapes and so on. Be best at your office or workplace, finishing off the task in accordance with your comprehensive to do list. Off course you should put your assignments aside for a nourishing lunch. Enjoy the break and be back on purpose. Even as we proceed with the plan, let us also be flexible enough to detour from the plan in accordance with the exigencies and urgencies cropping up in office or elsewhere.
Sure enough, after the official hours, enjoy the evening. Carve out time for networking, make calls, contact an old friend and bring back few golden moments of the past. Have your family fun time, family prayers and family dinner and enrich family bonding. And do not forget, to sleep early.

I had just limned in my own way, a gist of how I have my day. This was done with the intention of getting you on track for the day with this sample. However, you are the author of your day and you can plan your day for the accomplishment of your goals. Ensure that your priorities are scheduled. So be an author who scripts the days in advance to walk through it and take the authorship of your life.

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