“Chains of habits are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken”Warren Buffet

We are what we repeatedly do and what we repeatedly do becomes our habit. We say that our happiness and our quality of life depend on our habits. Hence, let us cultivate great habits which propel our life to glory. Here we take a look at the important realms of life and recommend a habit for development.

Health – is wealth

Habit- Flex your muscles.

Carve out a half portion of the morning hour to flex your muscles. Go for a jog, have floor exercises, a game of tennis or a work out in the gym.

Finance- makes your future secure

Habit- Save and Invest.

Out for your earnings, determine the amount that you need to save, and ensure that you save the same amount every month. Find the right avenues for investment of the saved money, so that they deliver returns beating the inflations.

Spiritual- Getting connected to the creator.

Habit- Express gratitude in your daily prayers

Express your gratitude to the Almighty in all your prayers. Thank him for all the blessings he has showered and also pray for the helpless and have-nots.

Relationship- stay faithful

Habit- Call an old friend/ relative a day

Stay connected, not digitally, but emotionally. Call upon an old friend or relative and revisit the memorable togetherness of the yesterday. Staying faithful in your relationships get you helping hands and happy moments.

Development- Life is growth

 Habit- Setting SMART goals

As we know, life is work in progress, and if we fail to grow, then we are more to dead than alive. Hence, to grow and reach great heights we need to set goals to be achieved. However, the goals that we set should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound.

Enjoyment- An incredible energizer

Habit- An outing on a weekend

Creating time and space for the family on a weekend at a park, beach, movie, seashore or restaurant and filling those moments with fun, will derive the joie de vivre, which is beyond doubt an incredible energizer.

Profession- Effectiveness counts

Habit- Track your time

Knowing your priorities and investing your time strategically for deriving results is what effectiveness at work place is all about. Stay away from distractions, avoid the time wasters, manage your crises, delegate, focus on your goals and indulge in productive activities.

Small things- Do it with great love

Habit- Giving is about making a difference.

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone. The world requires your acts of kindness. They may be very small, like offering a helping hand to an old man to cross the road, a hug to a naughty toddler, a thank you to the waiter who served you at the restaurant or a flooding smile in approval of the courtesy of the customer service person.  Give a little of yours, and do it with great love. Let the world love you.




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