Success in sales is a convincing ability. Here we provide answers to a dozen questions related to sales. These great tips on sales will drive your sales faster.

Why does anyone buy anything?

  1. For gaining something.
  2. For deriving happiness.
  3. For fear of losing something.
  4. To avoid pain and regret
  5. To be popular and sometimes out of envy also.

Who is your right customer for sales?

The right customer is one who

  1. Has a problem, a need or a want.
  2. Has the money to buy.
  3. Has the knowledge/skill/ability to use the product or service.
  4. Has the power to make purchasing decisions.

Find out if your answers to the below question are the same.

  1. What are you selling?
  2. What is it that customers are buying?

What is it that you need to sell?

  1. Solutions to problems.
  2. Benefits of products or services.

What are the roles a sales professional need to play?

  1. An educator
  2. A consultant
  3. A problem solver

What is AIDA in sales?

A- Attention- Getting the prospect to listen to you

I- Interest- Getting the prospect interested in you.

D- Desire- Arouse a buying desire

A- Action- Asking the customer to make a buying decision.

On what aspects should a sales professional have mastery?

A sales professional should have mastery over his

  1. Industry
  2. Company or organisation
  3. Products and Services
  4. Competitor’s products and services.

What are the essentials of any sales process?

  1. Cold calls
  2. Building rapport through meetings
  3. Asking and probing to identify needs, wants and solutions.
  4. A flexible presentation addressing all the customer concerns.
  5. Go for a trial close.
  6. Address the objections.
  7. Follow up and close.

What traits enable you to build rapport with your prospect?

  1. Ability to listen.
  2. Ability to empathise
  3. Ability to care
  4. Ability to be flexible

What happens when call reluctance sets in?

  1. Fear of being rejected develops.
  2. Loses interest in making calls.
  3. Self-confidence comes down
  4. Will ultimately turn out to be a failure in sales.

What aspects create a feeling of credibility in the customer’s mind?

  1. The sales professional’s dressing, grooming, etiquettes and attitude.
  2. The reputation of the company.
  3. The testimonials shared.
  4. The excellence and professionalism in brochures and presentations.
  5. The ability to build trust and emphasise value.

What could be the non- verbal buying signals of your prospect?

  1. A smile.
  2. A small head nod.
  3. When they look over the product once again with interest.
  4. When they take the product and start handling it.






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