The bigness in the little

 The bigness in the little is a quest for happiness. What is happiness?

There is a quote which says that happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute in love, grace and gratitude. But, most of us attach other meanings to happiness. Probably, the titles we assume, the money we earn, the material possessions we acquire, the high ranks or marks we attain are all presumed to give us happiness. But, then, it makes us feel so good.

Are we not willing to accept it as our happiness? If these things do not give us happiness, then what else will give us the same? Are we confused?  Or have we lost track of true happiness?  We will resolve this quest for happiness.

               Well most of us have turned out be more pleasure seekers as we realise that happiness does not come to us. Rather, we are not able to distinguish between pleasure and happiness. The bike or car that we purchase, the mansion that we built, our promotions at work and a hike in our pay are nothing more than pleasure. Going on a foreign tour on a holiday is a purchase of pleasure. Going for an evening party is more a matter of eating, drinking, laughing and enjoying, where the element of pleasure is at its heights. Pleasure is more about the rewards through money, materials and titles which gives alleviation to our perceived feelings.

             Well, let us try to know true happiness and also try to feel it with all the intimacy. We fill our mind with peace and happiness at moments of spirituality when we are in prayers. We are in happiness and fulfilment when we offer our helping hand and service to the betterment of a person and the humanity in general. We are happy when we have the sense of gratitude to the creator and to the people around. We are happy when we cultivate optimism in life. We are happy if we are able to fetch smile in many a faces. We can remain happy in life, if we are able to forgive others. We can remain happy, if we do not expect anything in return for the favours we have rendered. Research works have showed that people who have very close relationships are happier than others. The research works also show that people who have engagements are happier than others. Also people who have a better social behaviour are happier.

If you have someone to love, something to like and a passion to do something, you can remain happy. There is happiness in a marriage, happiness in the birth of a child and happiness in a family interwoven by love. There can even be happiness, seeing a flower bloom, a bird feeding its young one, a squirrel climbing a tree, a butterfly fluttering in your lawn, a breeze brushing your face, drizzle wetting the soil, ripple lashing the banks……….. Yes, the big treasure called happiness is in these little things.

Finding the bigness in the little, finding happiness, where the treasure hunt ends, may mark a new beginning in one’s outlook towards life. Finding the bigness in the little enables one to exhale a lot of stress.

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