The progress of the mankind over eons has been possible just because we people were born. However, are we born to live in the cradle of indolence or are we born to make this world a far better place? If you stand by the former part, you are a liability; on the other hand if you mean to make this world a better place to live, you are an asset. Well, this article is for those people who are the assets of this planet. Here are some of the common denominators for success in life


              Have a list of purposes in life, little and big, so that you are pulled forward in life for the realisation and achievement of those purposes. Purposes give you clarity in life. Your purposes lead your life.


               Identify your passion, what you are good at, what you enjoy doing. Nurture your passion and strengthen it further with learning and practice. Finally choose a profession of your passion. When the passion and profession are the same, you will never feel bored of your profession.

Have energy

              Be out of your beds early and spent the morning hour to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul, to reinvent the freshness for the day and to live the day with a whole lot of energy. Take your mind for a holy dip in the pool of meditation. Stretch your body and muscles through jogging or walking or exercises. Find time for prayers, to get connected with the creator and express gratitude. Eat healthy food and drink lot of water. We have energy only when we have a healthy mind, body and soul.

High self-esteem and very positive attitude

           You should have a high self-esteem and very positive attitude. However, you will have a high level of confidence in you and in your abilities only if you are able to shed a considerable proportion of your fears and self-limiting disabilities. In fact FEAR means False Evidence Appearing Real. The common fears found in people are fear of failure, fear of criticism, fear of the unknown and so on. Have the courage to overcome your fears and your self-limiting beliefs. Do the things that fear you most, that is the only way to overcome fear. The highway to confidence and achievement will be very clear if you have deleted these fears out of your mind.

Continuous learning

We are living in a time of disruptive innovation and technology displacement which are bringing about breakthrough changes in every sector and domain.   To be in pace with the changing world and to grab the emerging opportunities in time, we need to get updated on a regular basis. Our education never ends with a graduation or a post-graduation; we need to be continuous learners. Read lot of books, search for information from the net, do a needful course, attend trainings and workshops so that you are not thrown away by the wind of disruption.


Wanting to excel in the chosen field and settling for nothing less than the best is called expertise. Gaining excellence in your core skills leads to expertise. The enthusiasm you have for the same, the amount of time you invest on it and the hard work you do to attain mastery are the contributing factors towards gaining expertise. Gain expertise in your chosen field and be amongst the best.

Character and Reputation.

You are a brand in yourself.  But what builds the brand in you is your character traits and values which you uphold like honesty, integrity, principles, fairness, willingness to be helpful, doing the right things etc. In fact character is like a tree and reputation its shadow. The reputation is what we keep thinking about, but we cannot alter the shadow without changing our character.

Planning and Preparation

Planning is to know your purpose and priorities and scheduling them with deadlines for achievement. Planning also details the ways and means to achieve them, the resources and people required for achieving them, the possible challenges for you to overcome in due course and so on. All people desirous of success shall plan and prepare, others who do not have any plan are preparing to fail.


Make choices and take decisions.

Overcome the gravitational pull of the society and see the whole world of promising opportunities; else you can succumb to the suggestions and advice of the crowd and live a life of mediocrity. The fact is that there are enough and more avenues across the globe that can rope in your talent. Basically, it is the choices that you make and the decisions that you take that determine your destiny. Do not let other people make choices for you and take decisions on your behalf, because you are the one who knows best about your own talent, passion and purpose in life. Make your own choices and take your own decisions and be responsible for your own life. Take up the authorship of your life.

Get associated with the great.

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend time most with.” A quote by Jim Rohn. If you get associated with the meaningless crowd and their chit chat, the crowd will influence you.  On the other hand, when you get associated with great people, their excellence to a considerable extent would be influencing you. These great people can be game changers of your life if you decide to invest your time with them. If you want to become a great basketball player, find time to see the videos of Michael Jordan playing his favourite game, if you want be a great orator, invest time on seeing and hearing the great orators of the world, if you want to be superb in your domain, identify the doyens of your domain and learn and study from them. Greatness in us is always built from the greatness from others.


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