The wave of change is on. With the emergence of knowledge economy, we see the space of globalization and competition demands more out of employees in organizations. Organizations want employees to take up non routine tasks, rather than the routine. Beyond doubt, organizations look upon employees for problem solving through creativity, by utilizing their analytical and interpersonal skills.

In fact organizations are keen on building intrapreneurs within their organizations, as they know very well that the key to success lies in change, differentiation, innovation and disruptions.

The current employees as well as the future employees should keep in mind these 7 survival skills of Tony Wagner, as they march forward in their professional life.

Critical thinking and problem solving

It refers to being rational, going through the situation or information and gaining a deep understanding, identifying the problem, analyzing the problem from different perspectives, brainstorming and coming up with several ideas and solutions, choosing the best idea and execution of the same.

Collaboration across networks and learning by influence

Collaboration is working with others to come up with an idea, project, product or process .Networking is interacting with other people to exchange information, develop contacts, and to further one’s business.

Leading by influence inspires, attracts and builds up other leaders, and encourages creativity and entrepreneurship.

Agility and Adaptability

The ability to think, reach out to conclusions, adapt to changes, and learn quickly. It also reflects on our ability and pace with which we can switch roles.

Initiative and Entrepreneurialism

It refers to one’s ability to take self directed actions and seek new opportunities to bring change, make improvements, take risks and find solutions to different problems.

Effective Oral and Written Communication

It refers to one’s ability to clearly and effectively share ideas and thoughts to others having different perspectives.

Assessing and Analyzing Information

It is one’s capability to sift through and evaluate an immense quantity of readily available information to identify valuable knowledge that can lead to solutions.

Curiosity and Imagination

It is about one’s eagerness to learn about the ambiguous and interesting and to think about what can be improved or reinvented through the use of creativity.

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