The Super Glue of Life

 Apology is the super glue of life and it can repair just about anything. The serene joy of life is woven with the fabric of interpersonal relations. There could be times when we feel the fabric rend asunder. Then mince no time to stitch it with an apology. I bet you, a million little things and a bundle of happiness can be bought back with an apology. When something goes wrong in a relationship which you fondly cherish, do not judge, do not go on a fault finding mission, do not get angry, do not remain silent and at last, do not quarrel. Repairing relationships between humans begins with a sorry. When you say sorry to someone, please do not have a preconceived notion that you are at fault.  You say sorry to someone just because you value your relationships more than your ego. A word of apology can turn even the clumsiest moment into a gracious gift. Misunderstandings vanish in thin air with a word called sorry, and relationships get bolstered with better understanding of similarities and differences. Apology breeds a trait called humility and makes one really humble.

softskill-lifeskillPull out a sorry from your heart and hand it over to the person who had been on the wait for you, for you had missed out on the appointment time. A caring sorry for an irate customer with an assurance to rectify the glitches would be far more than any balm for his bruised mind. A word of apology for an elderly person, who had run on you amidst the busy hustling crowd, would be a sacred act of the day. A coddling sorry to the kid of yours, for you had forgotten to bring him toothsome toffees. A whole hearted admission of the mistake and a deep rooted sorry for a misfired strategy of yours in the organisation will make you more lovable amongst your colleagues.

So, let us fill the hot air of misunderstanding with the chillness of sorry. The word of apology makes one forget and forgive. Yes, it is a magical word; the utterance of the same will let the feeling of hatred vanish from the mysterious chambers of your mind. So, whenever, a feeling of hatred starts gruelling up in your mind, push it out with a sorry for the person. Hatred is a feeling which injures the hater, more than the hated. Remember, it is the fragrance of forgiveness that a rose flower sheds upon the heels that crushes it. Let us take the small but great lesson from this rose flower and offer our fragrance of forgiveness through an apology.

The word SORRY    

Stitches rendered associations

Retains Oppos (friends)

Expresses our Respect

Values the greatness of Relationships

Removes hatred and makes us Yippee

  So, as you walk through the day, shed your fragrance with apologies. The sorry of ours is a true reflection of our humility, forgiveness and greatness.

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