The flow of information from the lower levels to the upper levels of an organization is defined as upward communication. The upward communication is considered as a formal way of organizational communication.

Let us try and find out as to how the upward communication in an organization turns out be beneficial.

  1. Feedbackupward communication

Upward communication can be considered as a feedback of the employees. This feedback would also include the ones from employees who are in touch with the customers. Hence upward communication, not only helps the organization gather the employee feedback, but also know the pulse and proximity of the customers towards the organization. Feedbacks are great opportunities for improvement.

  1. Suggestions, opinions and creative ideas.

Organizations open to upward communication will be able to gather the worthy opinions, helpful suggestions and constructive ideas of their employees for improvements and up gradations.

  1. Helps decision making

Decisions meet their purpose, only through execution. Hence, to make decisions that get executed, gathering the knowledge and view point of the executors of the same is necessary.

  1. Establishment of good relationships

Good and worthy communication naturally leads to rapport and good relationships

  1. Mutual trust

Employees who give constructive feedback and creative ideas for improvement are sensed as responsible and accountable by the organization. Hence, the sense of shared ownership fosters mutual trust.

  1. Enhance coordination

Since the relationship is built on mutual trust, organizational communication, for sure is expected to be more rational, objective and aligned towards to the progression of the organization. Hence, when conversations stand beyond egos and emotions, it enhances more coordination between employees and management.

  1. Motivation

Organizations which encourage upward communication are creating a sense of belongingness amongst employees. Employees feel that they are being heard and their opinions are being considered by the management and even some of their ideas are getting implemented.  This creates a lot of motivation amongst employees.

  1. Knowing employee attitudes

Encouraging upward communication also helps determine the attitude of the employees. Apart from the enthusiasm from many, there are employees whose silence, withdrawals passiveness and skeptical remarks are symptoms for us to learn about their attitude.

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