What is there in training?


Training is the process of enhancing one’s competencies through up gradation of skill, knowledge and attitude. In fact, training is all about transferring the learning from the training room to the workplace. The end result of any training should be reflected in the work place. Trainings are meant to bring out transformations with respect to work, strategy, behaviour and yield better performance and results.

Each and every training should have a training objective. The trainer has to keep in mind the training objective and also the trainees should be let known about the objective. (ie as to what competencies they are going to achieve at the end of training). The worth of a trainer is in guiding and training the trainees and taking them from where they are to where they are supposed to reach after the training, so that the training objective is met.

Have a look at this training period. An analysis of the same will give you more clarity on how the results of training are achieved.

During the course of the training what the trainer delivers in full is called the data.

The important take away points from the filtered data become the ultimate important information in the hands of the trainees, which needs to be taken to the workplace for application.

The application of information at the workplace meets the deadliest resistance from your existing habits and practices which run subconsciously. The painful conscious attempts from your side as well as your perseverance and persistence on the implementation of the newly learned information is definitely going to pay off after a small period of time. The practice of the same at work place turns the information into knowledge, as you really begin to become aware of the changes and improvements that set in.

Our mastery over the practice or knowledge leads us to the level of wisdom, where the results are realised in an incessant manner.

Training in short is all about leading a trainee through the pyramid from data to wisdom.


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