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Unlike B2C sales, B2B sales is referred as a complex sales as it involves the consent of many individuals before a purchase decision can be made. Even, otherwise, there are several matters which differentiate B2B sales from B2C.

The number of leads that needs to be followed in B2B would be very less unlike a full pool of leads in B2C. The concept of AIDA can evoke an emotional response from a customer, further leading to closure in B2C sales. The response in B2B scenario most often is rational in nature. The buying decisions are impulsive in B2C, however the decision making process is lengthy in B2B. The trend of transactional sales still exists with respect to the B2C domain, but B2B sales can never be a transactional one.

Hence, the sales systems, strategies and methodologies for a win through B2B need to be approached from a different perspective.

Building methodologies for big wins in B2B sales through

  1. Researching those at the top of the funnel.
  2. The art of extracting information.
  3. Understanding the buyers journey
  4. Positioning for the sales by targeting ideal business entities.
  5. Focusingon the business customer’s problems.
  6. Trust building measures and responsive behaviors.
  7. Identification of decision makers, insiders, influencers, mentors and consultants.
  8. Identification of buying motives.
  9. Customization of product/service to the core
  10. Creating a smooth purchase path.
  11. Tracking the process for a closure.
  12. Follow up for pay ups, service, referrals and retention.

Understanding B2B Sales.

  1. Does your buyer seek for proof of your claims on value addition?
  2. Does your buyer take information, suggestion, advice and expert opinions from others before a buying decision?
  3. Have you apprised the real decision makers and their influencers about the value addition you are going to bring in through the sales?
  4. Have you assessed your biggest competitor and your buyers other alternatives?
  5. Are you good managers of your selling time?

Our training programme offers you with methodologies which help install a sales system which ensures big wins in B2B sales.

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