Goal setting

“A training to set up SMART goals with a SPIRIT to achieve them”

A life without a goal is like a ship without a captain and compass. However, below 5 % of the population set goals with a motive for achievement. The main reason as to why people are not successful is because they do not have goals. Goal setting is a formal process in which one defines the agenda for personal, team or business achievement and success. Sometimes goals are referred to as dreams with a deadline. The goals that we set should be challenging, practical, realistic, measurable, achievable, positive and flexible and should also be time bound. Goals need to be documented. In fact every business or team or individual should have short term, medium term and long term goals. All the major goals can be subdivided into sub goals. The major investment in the form of time as well as other resources for the achievement of goal should be considered while planning for achievement.

soft skill-goal settings

 Goal setting starts with a burning desire to achieve something. The individual and the team should believe to the core that it is possible to achieve the goal. Document and read the goals which need to be achieved. Decide when, where and how to start. Determine all the benefits that you will enjoy once you achieve the goal. Then set a deadline for achievement of goal. Identify the possible challenges one would face en route to goal.  Also, try and figure out what further up-dates, knowledge and skills are required for achievement of goals. Find out whose help, cooperation and motivation will enable you to achieve the goals. It is highly essential to muster their support for success.  Now comes planning, a vital ingredient for success. Plan step by step with clarity. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Visualise the achievement of your goals and feel great. These visualisations will motivate you, inspire you and lead you towards your goals. Never, ever give up on your goals. Remember, losers are people who quit on failure, difficulties and challenges, where winners are a people who continued to feel the pain of setbacks and failures until they succeeded. So be SMART and with SPIRIT hit the bull’s eye.

Set your goals, stretch your comfort zone and achieve them by

  • Identifying priorities and passion.
  • Creating a wish bowl.
  • Converting dreams to goals.
  • Documenting short term, medium term and long term goals.
  • Building strategy and planning for achieving goals.
  • Mastering the art of visualisation.
  • Overcoming obstacles, practising flexibility and regular reviewing.
  • Staying on track till you succeed.

We will never be able to accomplish a goal if we have not set one.

  • Want to set goals and accomplish them?
  • Find out what you want and why you want them?
  • Do you know the SMART way to setting goals?
  • Do you believe that planning and preparing makes journey to Goal easy?
  • How can we break down our major goals to sub goals?
  • Do you foresee challenges to achieving your goals?

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