Advanced communication skills

A Training to Inspire Team Members, Influence Management and Win Over Customers”

The corporate goal of communication is to build strong interpersonal relations and to influence others. The competency to communicate well is a quintessential trait required of leaders and managers. They need to inspire, motivate, coach, influence and win over the employees as well as the vendors and customers. The generic skill required for negotiation, conflict resolutions, sales and marketing is the communication skill. Research studies reveal that employees of an organization generally invest 62- 72 % of their work time in communication. There is communication involved when you are in discussion with your superior, when you are briefing your subordinate, when you are attending a strategic business meeting, when you are explaining to your client, when you are reading a report, when you are texting, when communication skill trainingyou are accessing your office mails etc. Communication in a corporate environment can be improved to a great extent by understanding the importance of feedback in the process of communication.

The barriers of communication existing in the environment needs to be analyzed and addressed so that we are able to overcome them. Conciseness, consideration, clarity, completeness and courtesy should be the cardinal rules in any communication. Non-verbal communication, like maintaining good posture, smile, head nods, facial expressions, social and official spacing, eye contact, are all factors which play greater part than verbal communication in achieving the corporate goal of communication. Exhibiting assertive behaviour and having empathetic listening skills are very crucial for a successful communication. Understanding the predicates used in a conversation and utilising the knowledge in NLP, one can easily decipher whether the person is predominantly visual, auditory and kinaesthetic.

Transactional analysis is another tool to analyse the ego state of the person. Understanding a person lets you know as to how you can behave towards that person, build rapport and then trust and finally win him over. People with good communication skills are able to connect with others very easily. Every piece of business communication involves etiquettes. It could be e-mail etiquettes, telephonic etiquettes, dressing etiquettes, meeting etiquettes and other office or corporate etiquettes. Mastering these etiquettes will make a master communicator.

Enhance your Communication by,

  • Self-Reflection
  • Prospering the feedback for better understanding
  • Mastering the cardinal rules of communication
  • Identifying Communication barriers
  • Overcoming the communication barriers
  • Building rapport
  • Creating confidence
  • Asking questions
  • Empathetic Listening
  • Improving body language
  • Mastering the etiquettes

Find out if you have the competency to communicate effectively?

  • Do you always ensure the proper understanding of your client or colleague?
  • Do you filter, discount, forecast, refer, distort or rehearse while listening?
  • Do you feel that you need to be an assertive speaker and an empathetic listener?
  • Do you think that good communicators are good negotiators?
  • Do you perceive that your presentation skill is a sub set of your communication skills?
  • Do you agree that upward communication in an organisation improves feedback and betters the system?


Join our training on “Advanced Communication Skills” and imbibe the traits of a quintessential corporate communicator.


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