Customer Relationship Management

“A Training to master Customer Relationship Management”

Customer Relationship Management is concerned with the creation, development and enhancement of individualised customer relationships with carefully targeted customers and customer groups resulting in maximizing their total customer life time value. The CRM is a long term strategy for creating value for the customer, as well as the company. Organisations implement CRM to increase profitability by providing better service to customers.

CRM is all about customerrelationship trainingdetermining mutually satisfying goals, establishing and maintaining rapport and harnessing a positive feeling for the customers as well as the organisation. Successful companies have the customer’s goal as their own goal. Also customer relationship management focuses on strategically significant markets. Information technology also plays a vital role in CRM. Creating data bases and data mining have now turned out to be very critical aspects for establishing an effective CRM system. The information gathered through the technology can be utilised to target customers in a personalised way.

An excellent CRM system has got certain characteristics like courtesy, consideration, communication, responsiveness, reliability, safety, acceptance, competence etc. The objectives of CRM would include increase in customer service, increased effectiveness, customer retention and decrease in marketing costs. The process of CRM includes identifying profitable customers, providing differentiating services to their needs, enhancing their loyalty and retaining them for a very long time.

Implement a CRM system by

  • Identifying the customer needs and culture.
  • Developing a customer centric approach.
  • Determining how CRM is going to create value.
  • Integrating technology for the process.
  • Personalisation in CRM.
  • Developing structure, system and process in CRM.
  • Identifying mechanisms for measuring CRM.
  • Rolling out for effectiveness.

What do you know about CRM?

  1.  Does it track customer information?
  2.  Does it capture customer e mails?
  3.  Does it enable you to get more leads?
  4.  Does it ensure a better ROI?
  5.  Does it enable automated communication with customers?
  6.  Does it make you work smarter?

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