Lean Management

To derive the best value using the least of everything

Lean is a systematic approach of eliminating waste, so that every step adds value for the customers. Aspects like cost, quality and delivery usually determines value for customers. Any activity that consumes time, resources or space, but does not add value to the product or service is considered as waste. The wastes could be of different types. They could be in the form of over production, waiting or queue time, transportation or unnecessary movement of materials, extra processing due to usage of wrong tools or procedures, excess of inventory, unnecessary movement of personals or materials due to inefficient layout and defective ones which do not conform to standards. The principles of lean management include defining specific value, identifying the value stream, create flow, make the customer pull the product and seek perfection. The goal of lean management is to improve quality, eliminate waste, reduce time and reduce total cost.

Right size your organization for prosperity by

  • Value stream mapping
  • Designing a system with activities, connects and flow paths
  • Standardizing work
  • Introducing appropriate lean techniques
  • Determining customer benefits
  • Determining employee benefits
  • Recognizing that there is always room for improvement
  • Continuously improving lean system. 

Zero in for lean management if

  • Your organization wants to deliver the best quality at the lowest cost at the shortest lead time.
  • Your organization encourages pull and flow
  • Your organization wants to ensure stability and standardization
  • Your organization wants involved and empowered employees seeking perfection.

We can be your change agents for lean management