Negotiation Skills

“A training to master negotiation skills”

Negotiation is a give and take decision making process involving two or more persons with different preferences. Employees who master the art of negotiation can save time and money, build good relationships and gain respect at workplace. Negotiation is carried out to rsoftskill-negotiationeach an agreement or understanding, gain an advantage or resolve a conflict.

 Hence, a good negotiator needs to be a good communicator, should be assertive, fine in conflict resolutions and capable of winning people. There are mainly two different types of negotiations. One is called as the integrative negotiation which is based on the win-win philosophy; whereas the other one is the distributive negotiation based on the win- lose philosophy. It is the integrative negotiation that leads to positive lasting relationships. There are also other types of negotiation like inductive, deductive and mixed. The approaches to negotiation could be hard, soft or principled. The styles of negotiation would also differ with some negotiators being cooperative and others being aggressive.

Generally, the process of negotiation involves the phases of preparation, opening position, bargaining, moving and closing. A corporate negotiating team normally has a lead negotiator, a recorder and an analyst. The negotiators should definitely have certain key skills like communication, creativity and problem solving.

Become a Successful Negotiator by,

  • Realizing negotiation and its need
  • Grasping the types, methods and styles of negotiation
  • Cementing the approaches and phases of negotiation
  • Conceptualizing the key points of negotiation
  • Mastering the key skills of negotiation

What do Great Negotiators do?

  • Invest time and effort in building up the BATNA.
  • Prepare the agenda for negotiation in consultation with others
  • Build the bridge of rapport
  • Deriving helpful answers with wonderful questions
  • Making the first offer
  • Go beyond prices in negotiations
  • Create solutions through multiple offers
  • Get commitment and offer congratulations

Our training programme will mould you as a negotiator par excellence.