Our open programmes and webinars are windows of opportunity for individuals to partake in our training programmes like Life skills, Sales and Entrepreneurship. Life coaching and mentoring sessions are also conducted for individuals.

Life Skills

Lead a life of happiness and fulfilment by acquiring the life skills through our signature life skills training programme
• The importance of life skills.
• Character vs Personality.
• The concept of principles and values.
• Identifying purpose, mission, vision and goals in one’s life.
• The holistic approach in life.
• Mastering the life skills that leads us.


The training with the success formula to multiply your sales. Enhance your volume of sales by our revolutionary sales techniques.
• Selling with Passion, love and high self-esteem.
• Courage and confidence.
• Articulating the selling process.
• The art of asking questions and listening.
• Building Rapport and trust, the NLP Way.
• Understanding wants and uncovering Needs.
• Delivering Solutions and Presentations.
• Blocking and Handling Objections.
• The Best closure techniques.
• Retaining Relationships and Getting Referrals.
• The Value kit for sales.
• Closing Skills, Negotiation Skills, Listening Skills, Presentation Skills and more…


Entrepreneurship training covers all the vital factors of starting an enterprise along with routes to marketplace, raising money and perfecting your pitch.
• Weighing the pros and cons of entrepreneurship.
• Analysing Competency, benefits and opportunities.
• Avoiding deadly mistakes and common traps.
• Mastering the entrepreneurship model cycle.
• Preparation of business plan.
• Building strategies.
• Being impactful.