Stress Management

A Training to help reduce and manage Stress”                                    

Stress is body’s response to any physical or mental demand placed on it. Stress can also be referred to as a natural, physical and emcorporate-training-center-Indiaotional reaction to a challenge. Usually stress is induced in a person when the resources available with him to tackle the situation are less than the pressure imposed upon him.

Too little stress results in boredom. Moderate levels of stress called as eustress may actually improve performance and effectiveness. However, the excessive stress which wears down the ability to adapt and cope is called distress. Too much of excessive stress results in burnout.

Stress affects our body, mind, relationships, work and our life as a whole. Stress cannot be eliminated; it can only be reduced and managed.  The stress management training programme focuses on identifying the stress triggers and adopting strategies for reducing and managing the stress. Organisations possessing employees with decreased symptoms of stress and anxiety, for sure, can aspire for better communication, larger relationships, enhanced effectiveness, better productivity and greater customer satisfaction.

Implement the stress management strategies by,

  • Recognizing and realising the stress overload symptoms.
  • Identifying situations causing stress.
  • Identifying the actions which increase stress.
  • Dealing with stress.
  • Working out the action plan to help reduce and manage stress.

Are you capable enough to help reduce and manage your stress?


  • Do you find that happiness is far away at work place?
  • Are you not faring well in your interpersonal relationships?
  • Do you find time to flex your muscles and relax your mind?
  • Are you more emotional?
  • Do you have a highly challenging work environment?
  • Do you have regular anxieties and worries?
  • Are you disorganised in life?


Our training programme on stress management ensures a drive away to a destination of mindfulness and serenity to ensure greater effectiveness.