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The training with the success formula to multiply your sales. Enhance your volume of sales by our revolutionary sales techniques. Get yourself upgraded as a quintessential sales professional mastering the competencies of communication, developing the skill sets for selling and imbibing the soft skills for a win-win...


Virtual team building not only focus for the normal issues of a localized team, but also it give more attention to the additional challenges of distance and culture difference...


Entrepreneurship interactive training, covering all the vital factors of starting a enterprise along with routes to marketplace, raising money and perfecting your pitch, will get your...


A training to uncover leadership traits, to live and lead by the philosophy of leadership and to take organisations and its people towards accomplishment...


Our Services

Soft skill Trainings, Coaching Solutions and Formal Mentoring.

Our corporate trainings are gateways for business growth. Customised training solutions are offered to corporate on various segments after conduction of training need analysis.
Our Webinars are windows of opportunity for individuals to partake in our training programmes like Sales, Life Skills and Entrepreneurship.
We offer coaching solutions which enables you to tap into your full potential. We address your coaching needs for both your personal and professional growth through life coaching, executive coaching and leadership coaching.

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Rapport and Trust- The bread and butter of sales Rapport

When a sales professional goes and meets a prospect, the first thing he should try and achieve is to build rapport. Building rapport is all about matching, mirroring or pacing. Rapport can be defined as a sense of mutual understanding, respect and friendliness. Building rapport is about building a level of mutual comfort for further […]

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Communication means understanding. Hence, in the process of communication, it is not what the sender transmits that derives importance, but what the listener understands. The interpretation of the message by the listener may be wrong. This leads to misunderstandings. However,the understanding of the listener depends upon a whole lot of factors. Well, the scope of […]

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The wave of change is on. With the emergence of knowledge economy, we see the space of globalization and competition demands more out of employees in organizations. Organizations want employees to take up non routine tasks, rather than the routine. Beyond doubt, organizations look upon employees for problem solving through creativity, by utilizing their analytical […]

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Noratel India Power Components PVT Ltd

Noratel India Power Components PVT Ltd

Manager(HR & Administration)

"The Organizational development for excellence" conducted by Wisdom Springs Training Solution was extremely well and beneficial to our Management Team.It was very informative and very well presented.

    Think Palm Technologies Pvt Ltd.

    Think Palm Technologies Pvt Ltd.

    HR & Administration

    The Communication skills development training conducted by Wisdom Springs Training solutions was excellent.It was very realistic, very well presented and organized.It brought a lot of things to our attention from an organisation's perspective which made the session highly impressive.

      Virtus IT Services Private Ltd.

      Virtus IT Services Private Ltd.

      HR Lead

      The Training was really informative and applicable to daily work.Made our employees think critically about the areas covered.The level and nature of participation was good,concrete examples,good analysis and feedback, catering to all levels which was good for the beginners and those with more experience.

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