“The training to identify the common road blocks in the initial struggling phase of entrepreneurship and to overcome them with powerful strategies to reach out to the success phase.”

Start-ups are growth oriented; prefer funds from outside or angel investors, driven by innovation and on the lookout for a large market to thrive.

However, majority of the start-ups meet with their failure and exit from the business scene soon after their launch. To be very true, the majority fail to get past the road blocks of the struggling phase and reach out to the success phase.

Let us try and find out as to whether your entrepreneurship is in the right direction.

  • Have you been able to arrange the capital for the growth of your endeavor?
  • Are your investors the right ones with great clarity?
  • How is the cash flow pertaining to your endeavor?
  • Is your endeavor having a realistic and achievable business plan?
  • Are the innovations in the endeavor customer centric and based on design thinking?
  • Do you have a great team and people who enjoy and work towards a shared vision?
  • Have you been able to attract the right talents for your endeavor?
  • Are all the founders of the endeavor wonderful professionals?
  • Have you been able to attract customers towards the products and services of your endeavor?
  • Have your initial setbacks strengthened you?
  • Do you still possess the burning desire to succeed?


If you feel that your entrepreneurship is facing road blocks, then join for this training, which enables you to

  • Develop long term and short term visions.
  • Have a better perspective of business.
  • Understand the roller coaster ride.
  • Derive customer insight
  • Make your endeavor innovation driven
  • Build new business models
  • Create a collaborative culture
  • Address the blind spots.
  • Overcome the challenges
  • Predict the risks and opportunities

By completing this training, participants will not only gather the tools and techniques to overcome the struggling phase of their entrepreneurship, but will also have the fire rekindled for their desire to be successful.