“The Training with outbound activities to energize the team members to work with synergy for the realisation of the team’s goals”

This outbound training with a mix of fun, play, activities, thinking, experiencing and learning will help realize the importance of building and bonding teams and also understand the power of synergy in achieving the unimaginable for a team.

The outbound training focuses on the certain aspects considered very key to team building such as strategy, planning, communication, cohesion, goal setting, coordination, synergy, analytical and creative thinking, prioritization, trust, synergy, time management, interdependence, conflict resolution and decision making.

Building methodologies for synergy in team

  1. Seeing the bulls eye- goal setting
  2. Communicating to understand
  3. Coordination, cohesion and collaboration
  4. Strategic thinking, creativity and diversity
  5. Change through Pain
  6. Leading discussions and transforming decisions.
  7. Seeing the end of the tunnel
  8. Celebrating accomplishments.

Understanding Synergy in Team.

  1. Do your team members go the extra mile for team results?
  2. Does your team feel that there is open and honest communication within the team?
  3. Does the thread of trust that binds the team intact?
  4. Does everyone in the team see the same horizon?
  5. Do your team members consider, communicate, care and take into confidence the others in the team?

  Our outbound training programme offers your team the energy to stay in synergy for the realization of goals.