Induction Training

The induction training programme for students is a two day training programme for the new entrants of the college to develop self-esteem, build greater relationships, enhance their bonding abilities to work in teams, and to create pathways for scholastic, as well as non-scholastic achievements.


  • Ice breaking and introduction with the great train game.
  • Effectiveness in communication with activities like magical group song, blind man’s story, snowflakes and the non-verbal detective.
  • Goal setting and achievements with activities like the centipede race, leading the blind, building the tower and the sunny side.
  • Team bonding with activities like pat on the back, passing with pace, make me laugh, lean walking and free fall

Day 2

  • Problem solving with activities like writing board, mat race, put out the fire and the human knot.
  • The die hard for the team with activities like run for the balloons, matching questions, jump in and jump out, stretch your hands and  walking for the other.
  • Mastering the mind by understanding the potential of the subconscious mind, overcoming fears and installing worthy habits
  • Success in academics- a management strategy
  • Building your self- passion and profession.