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Gift every one your smile

Well, let us know the wealth of our smile

1. Smile is the only curve which can set everything straight.

2. A person a mile away can be brought closer with a smile.

3. The best ride through the highway of life is at 60 smiles per hour.

4. Smile is the best cosmetic for any face.

5. Smile originates from the mind and gets reflected in the face.

6. Allow smiles to fly across your face.

7. Smile and always keep smiling and when you find someone without a smile,give them one of yours.

8. You are not completely dressed until you wear a smile.

9. Smile is the only language understood by everyone.

10. Smile is the key that fits on the locks of everyone’s heart.


Probably smiles with the sweetness of happiness would have erupted on many a faces after going through these quotes.You can make your face beautiful by having a smile. You win people, friends, customers and clients by your smiles. A good radiant smile with an attitude of care is a quick fix for building rapport. The warmth of smiles extends to relationships. It is said that the goal of communication is to build strong interpersonal relations and to influence others. The attributes of successful communication, as per research studies are the body language (55%), tone of voice (38%) and the words (7%). In fact the most influencing parameter in communication is the body language of the person and the most prominent feature of winning and influencing conversations is the smile.

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A Chinese proverb says that a person who does not know how to smile should not open a shop. A good smiling face leaves a deep and soothing impression of you in the minds of others. It builds the environment for sales and business. Try to have a smiling face and even when you talk, have a smile, as the smile not only gives you a face lift, but also betters your tone of voice. So even when you speak to people over the phone, talk with a smile as it provides a better tone. Sales professionals and telecallers can initiate cold calls with a smile in order to get the enthusiasm transferred at the other end. Smile is a good exercise for the facial muscles. It keeps you young, makes you more attractive, makes you happier, makes everyone around you better and makes you live longer.

Soft skill For CorporatesNow, you can decide, whether to smile or not. Whatever maybe your decision, I have a gift for you, my wonderful smile. However, please pass it on to someone……