1. The bridge of perseverance takes you from pain to gain.
  2. We will not have peace if we fail to take pauses in a life of pace.
  3.  A strong character foundation helps us growing tall.
  4.  Plan and prepare for future or else we will end up repenting and repairing.
  5.  Prayer is an upward communication where we believe to get silently answered.
  6.  In business, sometimes we may need to run very fast to stay where we are.
  7.  Always remain hungry in life- have the hunger to learn.
  8.  Beyond the walls of challenges lies the meadow of success.
  9.  A problem hub has possibility ports which can lead us to multiple solutions.
  10.  The circuit of relationship between humans is often switched on by a smile.
  11. Do not stay with the problem, walk out of the problem to meet opportunities.
  12. At times, we need to chisel away our distractions to get a clear view of our vision.

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