The PPP formula for success in sales

The PPP formula for success in sales is a small but effective guide which gives certain key points to be followed by sales professionals for a winning a customer.

  1. P- Plan and prepare before you meet the customer.
    1. Improve upon your verbal communication skills
    2. Enhance your body language.
    3. Groom well and have a pleasant appearance.
    4. Research the customer well
    5. Refresh the knowledge required for sales.
    6. Observe the conduct and rules for sales.
    7. Take all the valuables for the sales.
  2. P-Perform before the customer
    1. Strike an empathy- care and understand.
    2. Exhibit your consultative skills
    3. Share the benefits and advantages
    4. Share your product differentiation.
    5. Campaign to your best.
    6. Be assertive- negotiate and discount
    7. Position for beating the price game.
    8. Prepare to upsell and cross sell.
  3. P- Prepossessing
    1. Riding over objections
    2. Helping the decision making
    3. Giving assurance and guarantee
    4. Extracting the yes for a closure
    5. Winning a sale
    6. Asking for referrals
    7. Keeping the customer.

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