Top 20 strategies to take on high challenges in your work & life.

What do we do when our challenges are high?

Do we lose our heart? Do we make half-hearted efforts? Do we just give a try? Do we abandon the attempts to overcome the challenge? Do we flee from the scene? Or is it that we take up our will power to taken on the challenge?

Here we are sharing certain strategies to take on high challenges in your work and life.

  1. Have a great desire and will power to overcome the challenges and reach out to your target or goal.
  2. Keep yourself motivated and empowered.
  3. Open your senses to understand the problem or challenge.
  4. Arm yourself with data, information and knowledge on the matter or the challenge or the problem.
  5. Invest time, effort, energy and experts in understanding the challenge or the problem
  6. Define the actual challenge using your logics.
  7. Encourage problem solving ideas within yourselves, on the outside and also with the help of domain experts.
  8. Seek out and think out multiple options to solve the problem or overcome the challenges.
  9. Line up and rank the ideas based on the merit of the idea.
  10. Choose the idea ranked 1 for problem solving.
  11. Seek out all support systems, knowledge, resources, tools and techniques required for the execution of the idea.
  12. Master yourself on the execution plan with all required learning, tools, techniques and support systems.
  13. Roll out your plan for execution in a slow and steady manner.
  14. Monitor and review the roll out at the initial stages itself.
  15. The feedback on the same is crucial, as it sets the tune for further course of action.
  16. If things are going fine as per plan, be persistent and keep pushing ahead.
  17. Enjoy your journey to overcome the challenges.
  18. If things are not working out, gather the feedback, correct and improve.
  19. Still, if things are not working out, go ahead with plan ranked 2.
  20. And if even plan 2 fails, we know how to go ahead; as we have got a dime a dozen further plans.

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