WINNING INTERVIEWS –   The magical 90 seconds of an interview

    The magical 90 seconds of an interview

Research studies have brought to light that around 33% of the hiring managers take the decision about hiring a candidate within the initial 90 seconds of an interview. This means that the first impression really counts. However, what do we do to get past the mind gate of the interviewer, that too within the initial 90 seconds?

Well there is a three point formula for execution.

  1. Have a great appearance.
  2. Super score on your body languagesoftskill-HR
  3. Exhibit your verbal versatility.


Have a great appearance.

  1. Brush your teeth and keep it white.
  2. Comb your hair and keep it calm.
  3. Trim your nails and keep it neat
  4. Do not be casual or fashionable and do not wear informal.
  5. Wear formals with light shades.
  6. Iron and wear your dress and keep it neat and tidy.

Super score on your body language


  1. Maintain a great body posture with your head held erect over your shoulders.
  2. Keep the file containing credentials on your left hand
  3. Walk steadily with confidence into the room.
  4. Smile at people in the room
  5. Maintain eye to eye contact
  6. Extend your right hand and give a firm handshake.
  7. Try and avoid fidgets.

Exhibit your verbal versatility

  1. Speak in a clear tone
  2. Have an audible voice.
  3. Say good morning or good afternoon as the situation demands.
  4. Say Thank you when offered a seat.
  5. Open up in a great way, when the first question is asked.
  6. When a FAQ like tell me something about your self comes up, answer confidently and convincingly touching upon the following.
  • Your name
  • From where you are coming or where you belong to
  • What is it that you are doing currently?
  • About your qualifications- graduation/post-graduation
  • About your key skills, experience and expertise
  • About your career aspirations.
  • About your family.





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