Sales- some take away


We say that selling is all about helping others. Selling is about adding value to people’s life. Sales bring about a feeling of happiness, convenience and gain in the life of people. Sales provide solutions to problems. Sales bring about satisfaction with respect to the needs and wants of the people. 

Here we place some take away for your success in sales.

  • Always try and expand your network. Create, maintain and enhance your own www. The more contacts you have, the luckier you will be in sales.
  • Connect over social media, call, show up and meet with your prospects/clients/network to ensure your presence regularly, since your presence itself is a great communication, which enables you to stay in the minds of people. The better you are on this job you get more prospects, customers and referrals.
  • Develop your people skills, as establishing better relationships with  people is the key to successful sales in relationship selling. Sales continue to take place as long as the bridge of trust exists. Hence, fortify your bridge of trust, by being honest, showing integrity and exhibiting commitment.
  • A sales person is not product centred, but should be customer centred and should be working on enhancing the value of life of customers through the benefits of the products. Sales professionals, who are prioritised on spending quality time with people, will have better success. Hence be customer centred, and your sales will multiply and profits will follow.
  • Analyse your sales pattern, performance, process, strategy and capabilities. Identify the areas of strength and weakness. Build upon your strengths and improve your weak areas. Seize the opportunities and look for options and choices like new market, new needs of customers, new product launch etc to enhance your sales.
  • Be flexible enough and tweak your sales process in accordance with the changes in needs, wants, demands of the customers, the change in technologies, the changes in the socio, economic and political climates.
  • Continuously learn your industry and its changes, your competitor and their new products as well your products and always have the differentiator or your own USP.
  • The sales professional to get his sales through should meet up with the investor, the decision maker, the actual consumer as well as the influencers in the purchase decision, if any. This is especially important when sale is carried out in great volumes in the corporate.
  • The sales professionals should be a master in the art of collaboration and negotiation. He should be able to create a win-win situation when dealing with big buyers or corporate.
  • The sales professionals should be doing the homework to overcome the objections from the customers, as the customers are have information from various sources, about your industry, your competitors, and the products and services, their reviews and pricing aspects. Hence, do your homework properly before your sales meeting as your prospect would have also done his homework.
  • Do not rush into sales as soon as you meet up with prospects. However, you can lead them into sales, by educating them, elucidating the benefits and advantages, giving them demonstrations, exhibiting the credentials or testimonials, enlisting the warranty details and clarifying all doubts and objections of the prospects. At the end of the sales the customer should be clearly aware about the value addition that he has derived thorough his purchasing decision. Only then will he be free of the buyer’s remorse and provide you word of mouth publicity and get you more referrals.
  • The ability to remain enthusiastic even in the events of umpteen rejections should be mark of an outstanding sale’s professional.

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