Gate Way to Corporate

The placement training programme for College Students named GATEWAY TO CORPORATE is conducted in four different phases. The four phases of the 10 day training Programme span over a four year period, beginning with a two day oriented programme in first year, followed by two day, three day and three day programme in the subsequent years.

First year- Day1

  • Ice breaking
  • Mastering Mind-Mind theory and its importance
  • The magic of the sub conscious mind
  • Crossing the walls of fear -fear of criticism, failure and unknown.
  • The process of paradigm shifting- Moving out of the comfort zone
  • The importance of affirmation, auto suggestions, visualization, modeling etc in mastering our mind.
  • Installing belief and confidence in oneself by making the candidate aware about the power of his/her mind.

First year- Day2

  • Life skills-About life skills and their importance.
  • The holistic approach in life.
  • Character vs Personality.
  • Identifying the purpose, mission, goals and vision in one’s life.
  • The concept of principles and values.
  • Identifying what one’s life is centered on.
  • Weaving the best habits.
  • Goal setting-The art of setting SMART goals with a SPIRIT to achieve them.
  • The essential ingredients for success.
  • The importance of Time management in life.

Second year- Day1

  • The concept of job and career
  • Identifying the industry- academic gaps SWOT analysis
  • Identifying core competencies and passion
  • The destination SWEET SPOT and the journey
  • Talent acquisition concepts
  • Introduction to general hiring pattern
  • Hiring strategies of IT companies/ BPOs etc
  • Skill requirements in Software/ Hardware/ BPO Marketing jobs
  • Mooting Strategies to bridge the skill gaps.
  • Identifying one’s own skill gaps and methodologies to overcome them.

Second year- Day2

  • Introduction to the concept of psychometric test.
  • The importance of psychometric test.
  • Introduction to General Mental ability, analytical and logical exercise etc.
  • Sample test for the candidates, analysis, discussion and suggesting improvements
  • Enhancing luck quotient-concept
  • Elucidating the strategies for enhancing the luck quotient
  • Exercise to find out the luckiest candidate.

Third year – Day 1

  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Speed, distance, time.
  • Rates, percentages
  • Ratios and proportions
  • Probability
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Algebra
  • Data interpretation

Third year – Day 2

  • Verbal; Reasoning
  • Introduction to verbal reasoning-advantages/ disadvantages, personality questionnaire
  • Word links- opposites, synonyms, finding new words, word swap, sentence sequence, passage questions
  • English usage- Decision analysis

Third year – Day 3

  • Communication skills
  • The essentials of communication.
  • Importance of feedback.
  • 6 Cs of communication
  • Barriers of communication.
  • The art of listening
  • Communication game.
  • The NLP Strategies for superb body language
  • Tips for quintessential presentation skills.
  • Nurturing the traits for leadership.
  • Team building and team bonding

Fourth Year- Day 1

  • Professional CV preparation
  • CV vs Resume
  • CV flash and limn
  • Placing core competencies.
  • Listing professional and educational achievements etc.
  • Personal branding- Importance of personal branding.
  • Getting the digital edge for personal branding.

Fourth Year Day 2

  • The success strategy in group discussions-
  • Communication skills, assertiveness, patience, supportive nature, accommodating, team building, leadership etc.
  • Winning an interview – Techniques- Preparation, planning and advance positioning,
  • The to do list for an interview, The rehearsal , interview etiquette Managing emotions and stress during an interview,
  • FAQs for interviews

Fourth Year Day 3

  • Mock Interviews
  • Mock Presentations
  • Mock group discussions
  • Preparations for placement
  • Evaluation and briefing


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