What is the most important thing which you want to achieve in this life time?
Your answer to this question can guide you to your vision.

Once you have documented all your goal statements of different domains, it becomes easy to write your vision statement. The long term, rather life time goal which you consider as the most important amongst the goals you have set will provide you enough spark about be the vision of your life. A vision statement is an aspirational description of what you want to achieve or accomplish in long term. The vision of your life is your guiding star. For reaping great success, you need to be a great follower of this star. It is one of the most important keys to finding your path in life. Your vision is like you taking the brush and painting your ideal future.


Example of a vision statement:

To be the most referred and appreciated thoracic surgeon of my home town.


Warren Buffett’s vision for the poor is the largest charitable project in history. He is one of only two living men who can truthfully boast a larger fortune than Bill Gates. (In fact, the two are now teaming up on the largest charitable giving project in history. He generated his larger-than-life $60 billion net worth by becoming one of Wall Street’s sharpest and most successful investors. His secret, as William Grieder writes in his book “The Soul of Capitalism” is that Buffet “stays close to his capital.” That is, he will not invest unless he personally meets with the top executives and completely buys into their business strategy.
This simple yet proven philosophy has served Buffet well, propelling him to previously unimaginable heights of wealth creation.


Write your personal vision statement



“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.”- Oprah Winfrey.

Take Away

1. Vision is an aspirational description of what you want to achieve or accomplish in long term.
2. The vision of your life should be your guiding star.

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