Win the battle with the bed

Breaking the darkness of the night, as the brook of sunlight flows down from the eastern mountains to flood our villages, hamlets, towns and cities and enters our home as the most auspicious visitor of the dawn, should we not be out of our beds to welcome it? When buds bloom into flowering petals, when birds pipe their hearty melodies, and when the breeze brings the chills for the morn, should we not savour it all? Should we not be part of the serenity of the wee hours? Or, should we be in the cradle of indolence, lacking the agility and enthusiasm to get started to travel a day of excellence?

Yes, the saying still holds true and good, early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. We win a day, if we win the battle with the bed. Yes, we should have enough sleep. Still, what matters most is the quality of sleep and not the quantity of sleep. Six hours of quality sleep is more than enough for an adult person.

Get out of your beds as the short clock needle points at 5, in the morn. Usher the golden hour of the day, for a day well begun is half done. The early hour is to oil well your mind, body and soul, which has to keep you running for the remaining hours of the day. It is time to train the mind and strain the body, to gain impeccable focus with amazing strength and health.

Start your day with a prayer of gratitude, standing in the garden of your house, beside a floret, breathing the fragrance of the purge morning and take a few deep breaths to freshen up your mind. Close your eyes for a few minutes and dip your mind into the pool of meditation. Now come out from the pool with a pristine mind.

So with a mind sans ripples, start your walk of the day, with the sooth fall of the early sun rays, with the feathery touch of the zephyr, walk through the safe roads and paths of your ravishing locality. Share a flooding smile, a good morning or a word of warmth with those who rustle through your way. Get connected to the chirping birds, the colorful butterflies, the shades in flowers, the mirroring ponds and the pastures green as you walk through your way in the morning. Get connected to nature and its creator. Let your mind gain the power of concentration. Remember, it is highly important for you to train the mind with the art of focus, for a mind which wanders a lot will make you more tired than a 10 kilometer walk.

Now relax your mind and flex your muscles with your enhanced pace of walk. Jog for a mile in the morning; else go for an aerobic exercise in rhythm with the music in background which gives an extra stretch for your body. Else you can prefer a fitness club activity on the outbreak of the day with the advice of a physical trainer which will keep you super fit.

So, if you are out of your beds, early and if you have spent the morning hour to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul, you have reinvented the freshness for the day.

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