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Retailing is about getting people into stores and converting them as customers. A retail entity needs to have a constitution of its own clarifying its own purpose, vision, mission and values. The retail has got to position itself in the targeted segmented market through product, price, promotion and place. The profit center in a business is its customers and hence the very basic strategy is to get the people into the stores. This strategy of giving newspaper advertisements, paper insertions, putting up bill boards etc to attract people to stores is called marketing. However, once a customer has landed in aretail store for purchase, it is the retail sales process which holds and retains the customer. Interestingly, it has been observed that around 68 % customers leave a relationship with a retail store for lack of customer care. Retail sale is not only about pushing up sales but also about creating life time customers for the retail store.


Here are a few tips to reap great results through your retail sales.

  1. Identify the customers’ needs and wants and prioritize them, then all you need to do is to arrange the products in the visibility of the customers in accordance with the priorities. You customers would feel that the shop is just theirs.
  2. Connect with your customer with a smile commingled with a greeting.
  3. Follow it with a help question to ascertain their needs, wants and desires.
  4. Train yourself to listen to the customer. Your listening symbolizes your understanding, care, patience, empathy, interest and dedication. Customers trust people with such character. The bridge of trust is more than enough for more sales.
  5. Look out for the dominant buying motives of customer.
  6. Give them education, show them the benefits, offer plenty of options and for sure they will like you and your products.
  7. Remove the bottlenecks and objections of customers.
  8. Test the waters by suggestion selling.
  9. Lead the customer to sales by his feels.
  10. Imbibe the best ways to close sales pleasingly.
  11. Respecting relationships and asking for another visit.
  12. Give them the wow effect, every now and then when they walk in for purchase, and for sure they will turn out loyal.
  13. Have little talks with your customers, ask about their family, work place and get their opinions and feedback.
  14. Have a push strategy for word of mouth in the neighborhood.
  15. Have a mechanism to evaluate and improve the performance of your sales persons.



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